Kazia onto next chapter in Phase 2 brain metastases trial

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Kazia Therapeutics Ltd (ASX:KZA, NASDAQ:KZIA)'s' Dr James Garner provides an update on the oncology company's lead program, a glioblastoma treatment candidate known as paxalisib. The biotech stock has wrapped up a Phase 2 trial on the candidate and plans to share detailed data with clinicians and investors over coming months. Dr Garner also brings Proactive up to speed on another Phase 2 study in patients with brain metastases. Paxalisib has advanced to the expansion stage in the trial's breast cancer brain metastases cohort. Essentially, brain metastases are a complication of several common cancers, and effective treatments remain elusive. As a result, the Phase 2 study is designed to identify potential new therapies by using leading genomic techniques to assign patients to the most appropriate treatment.

Watch the interview here.