Kazia calls for greater awareness of one of the deadliest brain cancers in the US


This Glioblastoma (GBM) Awareness Day, Australian oncology-focused biotech company, Kazia calls for greater awareness of one of the most lethal brain cancers in the US.

GBM is also the one of the most complex and treatment-resistant cancers. It is expected that more than 13,000 Americans will receive a GBM diagnosis in 2020, while the disease accounts for 48 percent of all primary malignant brain tumors1.

Kazia is proud to be supporting the National Brain Tumor Society this GBM Awareness Day and helping to raise public consciousness about the need to find a cure for this deadly and devastating disease.

There is a need for new treatments given survival and mortality rates for GBM have been virtually unchanged for decades. None of the FDA-approved treatments for glioblastoma have succeeded in significantly extending patients’ lives beyond a few extra months, while the current standard of care for the disease, temozolomide, is ineffective 65% of cases.

Kazia CEO, Dr James Garner said, “GBM Awareness Day serves as an opportunity to take action to help those thousands of Americans that are affected by this disease each year. We’re honoured to be partnering with the National Brain Tumor Society to advocate for a better future for GBM patients and to work towards the development of new and better therapeutic options for patients.”

Kazia is developing a promising new treatment for glioblastoma, paxalisib (formerly known as GDC-0084), for the treatment of GBM and other cancers.

For more information on the National Brain Tumor Society and GBM Awareness Day, please visit: https://braintumor.org/take-action/gbm-awareness-day/.

1 Source: National Brain Tumor Society: https://braintumor.org/take-action/about-gbm/