Dr James Garner discusses paxalisib development with the Australian Shareholders Association


Our CEO, Dr James Garner sat down with the Australian Shareholders Association to discuss the development of our lead candidate, paxalisib, for glioblastoma.

In the podcast, Dr Garner talks about:

  • How paxalisib is currently in five human trials for various types of brain cancer
  • The clinical development timelines for drugs and how paxalisib is near the end of that journey with the upcoming GBM AGILE study to be used for regulatory approval for the drug
  • The process of licensing drugs and the rationale behind Kazia licensing paxalisib (formerly GDC-0084) from Genentech
  • The recent interim data from Kazia’s phase II trial of paxalisib in glioblastoma which showed overall survival of 17.7 months compared to 12.7 months for the existing standard of care, temozolomide
  • The commercial opportunities for Kazia, with the market for glioblastoma estimated at $US1.5bn

Listen to the podcast here.