Dr James Garner discusses GBM AGILE study with Boardroom Media

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Our CEO, Dr James Garner sat down with Boardroom Media to discuss Kazia joining the GBM AGILE international phase II / III study in glioblastoma with its lead program, GDC-0084. GBM AGILE is an international, academic-led, multi-drug adaptive study sponsored and administered by the Global Coalition for Adaptive Research (GCAR), a non-profit organisation which includes many of the world’s leading scientists and clinicians in the field of brain cancer.

It is expected that data from GBM AGILE will be used to seek marketing approval for GDC-0084 from FDA and other regulatory agencies.

The interview covers:

  • What GBM AGILE is and how it differs from other clinical trials
  • How the goal of the study is to seek marketing authorisation for GDC-0084 and make it a commercial product
  • How the recent positive interim efficacy data from Kazia’s ongoing phase II study of GDC-0084 has built confidence in the drug
  • How GBM AGILE will help with potential partnering negotiations for GDC-0084


Listen to the interview here.